Fifth edition of JAZZING, Sant Andreu’s jazz festival

Time sometimes overtakes us and, when we realize it, we have lose sight of it (and I say it without sadness, nor sorrow, but quite the opposite, with a certain "nostalgia", as when we look back and remember things that make us feel good and fill us with happiness having lived them). Above all, it happens when we are fully involved in the present, in walking our way every day, trying to enjoy every moment, living intensely every situation, whether an awakening, a light rain, an essay, a conversation, a new melody, a walk, a class, a concert, a new recording, a new friend, a new festival...

A new festival, the FIFTH EDITION, accompanied by the Sant Andreu Jazz Band’s 12th anniversary. I am proud, as a director that I am of both projects, and it makes me very happy to continue on this path.

MY, OUR, intention was never to stay, to remain, but there we are. MY, OUR, intention was never to go further, but it came, and borders were crossed and we received thousands of virtual messages of thanks for showing our work, which seems to be inspiring for many people. I link the work of the SAJB with the Festival because the last one would not be possible without the first one.

I do not know how much further we will stay, nor do I worry, but I hope to continue enjoying this feeling of generating things that make others enjoy.

Life, like music, is something so wonderful that we can not waste time projecting into the future.

Sant Andreu sounds Jazz. LET’S ENJOY JAZZING 5!