Jazzing festival 2014-2023

10 years

The origin of the JAZZING FESTIVAL was to bring the music we love so much to the district of Sant Andreu.

We are driven by the desire to generate movement, to get people talking about this wonderful music, and to give young people access to it.

Jazz is not just a music for adults, it is not a music for connoisseurs. It is a popular music, with many variations, colours, nuances, etc.

With the Sant Andreu Jazz Band as the mainstay of the festival, and from its passionate approach to music, we have always wanted to invite other national and international musicians to join us and share their music with all those who wanted to enjoy our different proposals. In the first Jazzing Festival we managed to bring together 10 big bands, something rarely seen in a jazz festival. Practically all the musicians on the Catalan jazz scene have been part of our programme. Both established musicians and emerging figures who have presented their first works as leaders. We have also invited international musicians such as Scott Robinson, John Allred, Scott Hamilton, Dick Oatts, Dena DeRose, Luigi Grasso, Fredrik Noren, Fredrik Limborg, the Stockholm Jazz Orchestra, Dmitry Baevsky, etc., with the aim of enjoying their music and learning with and from them, just as we have done during our almost 18 years of Sant Andreu Jazz Band. The best way to play jazz is to listen, imitate, sing, share and, little by little, to fall in love with this contagious rhythm, swing, and the sonority of the blues and the possibility of creating, improvising, from a very young age.

Six years ago we incorporated the JAZZ EDUCATION STAGE, to be able to share not only our music, but also our work methodology with the SAJB and our philosophy.

This 10th anniversary we are strengthening the JAZZING FESTIVAL, with 6 daily concerts and we are limiting the JAZZ EDUCATION STAGE to the mornings, where we will work in big band format, directed by me, with all those who want to join us and where they will be able to receive advice from the luxury guests we have this year: Joel Frahm, Scott Hamilton, Gerry Lopez and Alba Pujals.

And although it is not easy, we continue, because the effort to go ahead with everything is enormous, in all aspects, but the illusion and love with which we do it is much greater than any setback. 

THANK YOU for being there and for supporting us.


Another dream come true.

Joan Chamorro